Hi I am Ib and I am a gay deer princess who has no life. I draw sometimes and cosplay and I really like Magi.


love yourself as much as you love your favorite character


i frigging. LOVE my hair being touched sooo SO much and it never happens but oh ym god if you massage my  head and play with my hair i will literally start purring like a cat


A default ring tone is heard. 100 moms look at their purses.


I admit, I am an asshole. But I got a nice booty and my hair soft so I feel like I deserve the best like ????

Sailor Venus (セーラーヴィーナス)

Sailor Venus (セーラーヴィーナス)

Kageyama Tobio || Haikyuu!! episode 17

tobio ‘i’m gettin’ that ass’ kageyama


tobio ‘i’m gettin’ that ass’ kageyama

Attack on puppy


like 95% of my daily vocabulary is ‘what’


There’s a fine line between a numerator and a denominator.


if u dont know how to respond to something just say “how dare you”

hello c; i need new blogs to follow


my dash has been really slow lately, and I’m looking for some new people to talk to and possibly be in mutuals with so reblog if you post & I’ll check you out!~

  • anything kawaii
  • pink
  • pastel
  • dmmd (dramatical murder)
  • rainy
  • nature
  • nge
  • magical girls
  • manga
  • food
  • japanese food, culture, people, photos, language 
  • interesting art/people
  • quotes

thank you cuties~~ I’d really appreciate it if you spread this around, I’d like to follow a bunch of people (*~▽~)

In north Carolina visiting family, grandparents got a new dog ajfjfjf PUPPYYYYY